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Building Management Controls

gain complete control of your facilities

Whether your clients manage multiple facilities across various locations, or a single on-site HVAC unit, Trane can put together a Building Automation System that is scaled to their needs.

Tracer™ SC controller: The solution for small and medium buildings

A BAS with a web-based interface to streamline facility management including climate control, lighting, and energy consumption

Tracer™ SC architecture perfectly fits today’s requirements of Building Management systems for small and medium sized buildings: It embeds the latest Web technologies which allow the users to navigate throughout the system features, from wherever they are. Tracer™ SC licensing being based on the number of devices in the system, there are virtually no limits in terms of number of users that can access web pages at a given time. This provides full flexibility to the asset managers in defining the various team members access profiles, no matter how many people have to interact with the system. Embeds all Trane pre-engineered applications (Chiller Plant Control, Variable Air Systems, Automatic Ventilation, IAQ control, Schedules,...)

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Tracer Summit™

Building Automation Systems with PC workstation interface

Tracer Summit provides integrated building control through a dedicated PC workstation. Climate, lighting, energy consumption, scheduling and other controllable features can all be programmed and managed by Tracer

Building Control Units devices coordinate communications between intelligent controllers and maintain building management actions running, while PC workstations equipped with Tracer Summit software allow a full graphical view and command dashboard, including alarm management, trend logging and archiving and time of day scheduling. Tracer Summit also offers pre-engineered functions to deliver high level system efficiency with minimum commissioning time, perfect equipment cooordination, and easy fine-tuning.

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Tracer ES™ softwares: The solution for large systems

Manage multiple facilities online

Tracer ES™ offers direct computer access to each BACnet® system in every building one manages. It provides complete control at one's fingertips to make global schedule changes, answer alarms and diagnose problems instantly, from anywhere.

That’s the power of Tracer ES™: a front-end system that enables operators of multiple facilities manage all their buildings as a single enterprise. No more running from building to building, or campus to campus. Tracer ES™ brings it all to your clients who just have to log on. And manage their buildings – and their business – better!

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Tracer ES™ express software

Cost-effective online accessibility on a smaller scale.

Smaller projects can gain the same benefits through Tracer ES™. This Web-based building automation control software supports up to ten controllers, including Tracer Summit, Tracer SC and other qualified BACnet systems.

Professional custom graphics services

A Tracer automation system uses graphics as a means of viewing and navigating through the system, much like walking through the building. Trane interfaces become a window into a facility professional's prime mission: managing the facility or portfolio of buildings they are responsible for. Graphics show data related to building environments, including climate, lighting, and other controllable operations.

A library of standard graphics representing all Trane equipment and applications is included in Tracer automation systems. Standard 3D graphics provide a powerful visual representation of equipment along with relevant overall building information helping building operators operate their facilities with high efficiency. These standard graphics have been tested to provide a consistently high level of quality and usability.

Custom graphics are also an essential way for building operators to manage their assets. Trane has implemented a dedicated team of graphics creation specialists to make sure custom graphics are made with the same philosophy and quality than all standard views. They can incorporate visual elements from the building, such as floor plans or exterior views from CAD drawings which can be combined with any other standard graphics. Custom graphics can also include digital photography and animated images, which turn the interface into powerful, easy to use dashboards.